Our  Delicacies

Our brilliant chef Elena will take good care of you with delicious treats inspired by Greek and International gastronomic traditions, with careful consideration of your tastes and dietary needs.

We work exclusively with fresh products from local markets and we have collaborations with the major distributors of food and beverages in the region, to ensure that you always have quality products.

our chef’s special
Slow Cooked Octopus

Slow cooked octopus, “fava” from Santorini island, beetroot pure, pickled onion, and capers. The fava of Santorini is famous for being extra tasty and incomparably sweet, due to the volcanic ground of the island. Based on the archaeological finds it was grown and consumed for over 3500 years. Fava is a traditional dish essential of a Greek gastronomic experience.

our chef’s special

Meaning Athenian, is a retro fish salad from the 80s, slightly modified here with crab in the place of fish, seasonal veggies, lots of dill and basil’s oil all came together with a light mayo-based sauce.


our chef’s special
Smoked Eel

Smoked eel, orange marmalade, sundried tomatoes and red onion for an extra kick. Eel is a key element of the Greek diet, with a high nutritional value (rich in omega 3 fat) and a unique smoky umami taste, is considered a delicacy usually paired with ouso raki or tsipouro.

our chef’s special

“The eye eats first” we say in Greece. And this colourful extra summery dish is the proof. Seabream fresh from the sea, pomegranate, fresh onion, poppy seed are some of the ingredients.

our chef’s special
Crunchy, Buttery Kataifi

Crunchy, buttery kataifi with a delicate though savory and a little spicy salep mouse topped with toasted pinecone nuts. This dish accurately mirrors the influence that the east culture has on traditional Greek cuisine.

the chef

Elena Bizani Tsiliggiri


25 years old, a passionate foodie, a curious traveller. During her career she had the privilege to work near great chefs in award winning restaurants (Michelin star, trip advisors’ excellence, xrysoiskoufoi etc.). She loves cooking Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and bring back in life old Greek traditional recipes and  attended several courses at Le Monde Institute.