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Crowdfunding Campaign 2022

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Collected capital

425.000,00 €

Our Business Idea

For those who love the adventure of sailing without sacrificing any comfort, our catamarans are the ideal choice, the perfect combination of the charm of sailing and the convenience of a resort.

The crewed charter of latest generation catamarans and all the services on board guarantee our guests a holiday in absolute relaxation. An example?

Our Vision


Foundation of Golden Wave Company


Oneida, first Lagoon 52 Catamaran


Oneida's first season


Second Lagoon 50 Catamaran


More investments in communication and marketing to increase selling power.


Third Catamaran

Our Goal

The Market

+5,1% per year

Global yacht market charter: $ 17 BILLION

+4,7% per year

Sailboats $ 10 BILLION

+6,6% per year

Catamarans: $ 1.5 BILLION

Why invest

Many reasons: increase in the financial availability of young people, large cabins with private bathrooms for maximum privacy, reduced draft to get closer to the beach, vast spaces ideal for groups and families, right compromise between the romance of sailing and the comfort of the motor yacht, sustainable holiday.

For example, 50% less VAT on most services and a 0% tax on profits.

We started valuable partnerships with important local players, active on the market for many years and with a consolidated worldwide networking.

The demand is higher than the supply: the boats currently operating in the sector do not meet the demands of customers, especially between July and August.

We differ from the competition for the attention paid to every detail of the holiday and the services we offer on board and we are focused on the creation and communication of the oneida brand.

We offer an average annual ROI of 5% to which we add the value of our rewards, which can be monetized.

Use of funds

The project has a minimum target

of 200K, to a maximum of 425K


Based on the investment cut, new shareholders will be offered “B” or “C” shares with different rights:

Categories “B” and “C” are eligible of preferential distribution of profits with respect to category “A” (founding members).

The percentage of profit reserved for categories B and C (in case of full subscription) is a maximum of 22% with an average return on investment of 25% over 5 years.


In addition to ownership of the shares, new members are given a reward based on the amount of their investment:

With a minimum investment of 10k

you will get

Annual 10% discount on booking a holiday with us for the next 5 years

or the monetized equivalent*.

With a minimum investment of 40k

you will get

20% discount per year on booking a holiday with us for the next 5 years

or the monetized equivalent*.

With a minimum investment of 70k

you will get

30% discount per year on booking a holiday with us for the next 5 years

or the monetized equivalent*.

With a minimum investment of 100k

you will get

One week a year on one of our boats

or the monetized equivalent*.

The choice of monetizing the reward is at the discretion of the investor. Its value depends on the percentage of participation in the capital increase and on the agreements for the sale of a week, and will be paid, with the return on investment, at the end of the fifth year, in the event of reimbursement of the investment.

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and discover the potential value of your average annual return**

**potential average amount, the real value could be slightly different.

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