We are pleased to give you a warm welcome onboard of Oneida and we would like to introduce ourselves 



The Captain

I am an experienced sailor and Captain of almost any type and size of pleasure craft. 

Sailing has been my field of competence ever since I can remember and thanks to the different and numerous experiences, I know how to deal with all weather conditions all over the world, to guarantee safety to my passengers and to my crew. 

Want to know more about me? I love animals so much and, whenever I can, I try to help those most in need. My first passion is the sea and all my hobbies have to do with that: scuba diving, free diving, wakeboard, ski, surf, windsurf… At the same time, I cannot live without creating, doesn’t matter what. 


The Deckhand

Sea is my life. Since I was a child, I remember  myself in a boat. The first boat I was captain in, was my family’s 55Ft traditional Greek  Kaiki; since then I had the opportunity to sail with different kind of boats. 

My capability of communicate with people and the fact that I can remain calm in any unpredictable situation, creates for my passengers and crew members a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

I have a lot of interests and hobbies that keep me in balance when I am not at sea. I like to spend my free time by mountain hiking, snow and water skiing, scuba diving, gardening. I am also fond of traveling abroad and discover new places, mentalities and cultures. Finally, I speak fluently English and French.


The Chef

My name is Elena. I am 25 years old, a passionate foodie, a curious traveller. I consider myself incredibly lucky as during my career I had the privilege to work near great chefs in award winning restaurants (Michelin star, trip advisors’ excellence, xrysoiskoufoi etc.). I love cooking Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and bring back in life old Greek traditional recipes and I attended several courses at Le Monde Institute.

In my free time I study Greek traditional dances and take long walks with my dog. I have a passion for visit new restaurants and try new dishes. The summer months I enjoy the sea, surf with a S.U.P, snorkelling, gather sea urchins or even octopuses.



I’m Paolo Caliari, an IT engineer and businessman since 1996. At the age of 35 I have developed a software for the configuration control and the integrated logistics management during the entire after-sales life cycle of complex systems.

Thanks to a strong personal passion, in 2004 I obtained the sailing license for sailing yachts and I started to involve the whole family on sailing holidays around Italy. Luckily, my wife and my sons share this hobby with me. I’m also a great lover of music and of the audio and high-fidelity sector: I’ve created a “music room” in my house where I love to spend my (rare) chill moments.


I’m Giulia Caliari and I graduated in Economics and Business Management. Since 2009 I have supported and assisted my father in the conduct of the family business by holding the role of Sole Administrator. 

I started sailing at the age of 14 thanks to my father and since then my favourite kind of holydays is on a boat. I’m living between London and Mantua, a small town in the north of Italy but despite that I can’t live without sea and I am totally in love with Greek Islands. Music is a constant companion in my daily life, no matter what I’m doing: I need music (every type) in my life. I love animals and I have a real passion for dogs; unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I can’t have mine right now.